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Author: Basia Irland


Contributors: Sara Ahmed, Rahim Al Haj, Kathleen Stewart Howe, Diane R. Karp, Lucie R. Lippard, Edward Lucie-Smith, Sandra Postel, Grant Sonnex, Jeroen van Westen, David Williams


Publisher: University of New Mexico Press


ISBN: 9780826336750


Format: hardcover


Pages: 234


Illustrations: color


Dimensions: 10.25" x 8.75" (26cm x 22.2cm)

Water Library consists of nine interconnected sections focusing on projects that artist Basia Irland has created over the last thirty years in Africa, Canada, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

WL0218 WL0412

Working on a litho stone in the Río Grande. 1988.

Conclusion of the original Gathering of Waters project, Gulf of Mexico. 1998.

IrlandSaltBookIedited1 WL0504b

Salt Book I. 1992.

Salt Boat with Oars. 1995.


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Schistosome cercariae Scroll I. 2007.

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