Apothecary for Creeks and Other Living Beings (with equisedum bundle). 2013.

ApothecaryatYellowSpringsOhio YellowSpringsCreek

Apothecary being worn at Yellow Springs. Photo by Tatiana Benally.

Yellow Springs Creek.

Apothecaryworkingprocess SeedsusedinApothecary

Apothecary, working process.

Seeds used in Apothecary.

amedicinalseeds bmedicinalseeds

Medicinal seeds.

Medicinal seeds.

Apothecary for Creeks and Other Living Beings was created in Glen Helen, Ohio during the winter of 2013. The invitation came from the request of nine departments at Antioch College and the University of Dayton. Forty-five medicinal plants that are often healing for humans, other critters, and riparian zones were placed into vials, which clink together rhythmically as it is worn.

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