Book of Drought II. 2006.

see also: Book of Drought video


Beaver Stick Encyclopedia II (closed). Beaver sticks from the Yellowstone River and Rio Hondo. 2002.

BeaverStickEncyclopediaIIwornedited IrlandMarineManuscriptIedited

Beaver Stick Encyclopedia II (worn).

Lichen Book I. 2000. Photo by Damien Andrus.

Río Grande Hydrolibros Projects

IrlandRioGrandeAtlasedited IrlandRiverReciprocityedited

Río Grande Atlas. 1999. Photo by Damien Andrus.

River Reciprocity fold-out book. 1996.

see also: Río Grande Gathering and Repository projects

see also: Río Grande Gathering of Waters video


Salt Book X. 1994. Photo by Damien Andrus.

WL0204edited IrlandSaltBookIedited1

River Books. 1989.

Salt Book I. 1992.

WL0203edited2 IrlandRiverofSeedsVolIII1991sharpened

River Books. 1989.

River of Seeds, Volume III. 1991. Photo by Damien Andrus.


River Books. 1989.

River Books began when Irland discovered that a library had dumped part of its collection in a gorge near Taos, and the books had been lying in the open air for years on the banks of the Río Grande. There were rabbit turds on them, grass growing up through the pages, and people had been using them for target practice. Most were completely rotten. These grotty objects attracted her as part of a generative cyclical transformation. The books, which were once trees, lived in a library in paper form, and then moved outside again, dumped into a huge pile, as if their words were returning back into the earth. Irland took them into the studio, dried them out, halted the process of deterioration and further decay by covering them in layers of beeswax. Through the amber translucency of the beeswax, some of the words are still legible.

IrlandSlateBookedited2 WL0202edited2

Slate Book I. 1989.

Molybdenum Mine, Volume I. 1989. Photo by Damien Andrus.

Molybedenum Mine, Volume I commemorates a huge scar that gapes across acres of abused wilderness in northern New Mexico. Wandering illegally among the heaps of discarded mining equipment, Irland found the text for this book – fool’s gold and rust – poetic justice for this site, the tailings of which have killed aquatic habitat for over ten miles downstream in the Red River.


River of Seeds, Volume V. 1991.

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