PUGET SOUND, Washington


Barnacle Book II in Puget Sound. 2009.

eBarnacleBookIIdetail2480 bBarnacleBookI2491edited

Barnacle Book II (detail).

Barnacle Book I. 2009.


Prosperity Book: Budd Inlet Sand Dollars. 2009.

aDogSharkSpineReliquaryandBarnacleBookI3004edited bDogSharkSpinedetail2989edited

Dog Shark Spine Reliquary. 2007.

Dog Shark Spine Reliquary (detail).

aFernRiverBook2930edited aBigLeafMapleFloating2929editedcolour

Fern River Book. 2007

Big Leaf Maple Floating. 2007.

bFernRiverBookmaking2372 cBigLeafMapleFloatingmaking2332

Making the Fern River Book.

Making the Big Leaf Maple Floating books.

see also: Washington State Ice Book projects

see also: Nisqually River Gathering and Repository projects

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