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Selected Bibliography (About Basia)


Books (containing references to Basia's work)

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Articles and Other Media

2015 - “Basia Irland Reading the River: Het belang van water voor het leven op deze planeet [The Importance of Water for Life on This Planet].” UIT Magazine (December).

Link to article in Dutch (UIT website with text and photo)

2015 - “Wondere wereld van water en boeken [Wonderful World of Water and Books].” By Marjolein Welling. Dagblad De Limburger, December 7.

PDF version of article in Dutch (0.2MB)

2015 - “IJsboeken voor de natuur [Ice Books on Nature].” By Job Tiems. Dagblad De Limburger, September 5.

PDF version of article in Dutch (0.2MB)

2015 - “These Ice Books Transport Seeds and Reforest Lands.” By María González de Léon. Phaena Aleph, February 3.

Link to article (Phaena Aleph website with text and photos)

2014 - “Art Can Show Us What’s Wrong with Our Planet.” By Becca Cudmore. Nautilus, December 8.

Link to article (Nautilus website with text and photos)

2014 - “¡COLORES! Basia Irland.” ¡COLORES! (TV show), New Mexico PBS, June 13.

See links on About Basia page

2013 - “Basia Irland’s Gathering of Waters: An Invitation to Know Your River.” By Mark B. Feldman. Sculpture 32, no. 7 (September), pp. 56–61.

See link on About Basia page

2013 - “Leaf Litter: Thoughts on Art & Ecology.” Biohabitats 11, no. 3.

Link to start of article; link to section about Basia (Biohabitats website with text and photos)

2013 - “Books of Ice: Sculptures by Basia Irland.” By Kathleen Dean Moore. Orion Magazine, March/April, pp. 52–59.

See links on About Basia page

2012 - “Environmental Artist Visits Georgia College.” Georgia College and State University Nucleus, p. 11.

2011 - “Inside the Well: Conversations about Water with Basia Irland.” By Wendy J. Pabich. Hydrophilia, April 7.

2011 - “Visiting Artist Presents Art on Local Environmental Issues.” By Anna Morris. The Colonnade, April 7.

PDF version of article (1.2MB)

2011 - “A New Water Ethic.” By Merrell-Ann Phare and Robert Sandford. Alternatives Journal, Water 37.1, January/February.

2010 - “Where Art and Water Become One.” By Sabina Dana Plasse. Idaho Mountain Express, November 5.

2010 - “Project Organized to Raise Awareness of Deckers Creek Health.” Dominion Post (Morgantown, West Virginia), April 12.

PDF version of article (0.3MB)

2009 - “Getting Back to the Land.” By Susan Emerling. Los Angeles Times, August 16.

Link to article (LA Times website with text and photos)

2009 - “Basia Irland at Evergreen State College.” By Susan Noyes Platt. Art and Politics Now, April 5.

Link to article (Art and Politics Now website with text and photos)

2008 - “Basia Irland, Eco-Artist.” By Amanda Sutton. Albuquerque: The Magazine 5, no. 3 (July), pp. 160–162.

See link on About Basia page

2008 - “Global Warnings.” By Suzaan Boettger. Art in America 6 (June/July), pp. 154–161.

PDF version of article (3.5MB)

2008 - “The Autobiography of H2O, as Told to Basia Irland.” By Miriam Sagan. Santa Fe New Mexican, January 18–24.

See link on About Basia page

2007 - “A Gathering of Waters, Boulder Creek: Continental Divide to Confluence, by Basia Irland.” THE Magazine (September), p. 43.

2005 - “Water Library.” By Valerie Roybal. Quantum 2005: Research, Scholarship and Creative Works at the University of New Mexico, pp. 26–30.

See link on About Basia page

2004 - “Speaking an Ecological Language.” By Jhalak Bhavsar. Times of India, December 23.

2004 - “Basia Irland’s Work Is Based on Water.” Indian Express, December 22.

2004 - “Gujarat Needs a Basia Irland.” People’s Science Institute Magazine, Ahmedabad, India (December). In Gujarati.

2003 - “The Nature of Water: Basia Irland Reveals the ‘Is’ and the ‘Ought.’” By Lisa Gerber. Ethics and the Environment 8, no. 1 (Spring), pp. 37–50.

2002 - “A Water Conservation Masterpiece.” By Delaney Hall. Albuquerque Tribune, July 24, pp. A1, A4.

2001 - “A Confluence of Community: Gathering the Waters of the Rio Grande.” By Craig Smith. Orion Afield 5 (Winter), pp. 28–30.

2001 - “Navigating the Currents.” Interview by David Williams. Performance Research 6, no. 3, pp. 113–122.

1999 - “Water Works.” By Wesley Pulkka. Albuquerque Journal, April 18.

See link on About Basia page

1998 - “The Universe of Basia Irland.” By Guy Cross. THE Magazine (March), pp. 6–7.

1997 - “A Gathering of Waters: Approaching Water Issues through Artful Life.” By Valerie Roybal. Quantum: Research, Scholarship and Creative Works at the University of New Mexico (Spring).

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1995 - “Water Is Driving Force behind Artist’s Creations.” By Vicki Jones Parker. Albuquerque Tribune, February 10.

1994 - “Profile: Artist Basia Irland: A River Runs through Her.” By Sharon Niederman. Quantum: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Works at the University of New Mexico (Spring), pp. 8–10.

1988 - “Basia Irland.” By Harmony Hammond. Artspace (Summer), pp. 12–16.

See link on About Basia page

1988 - “Santa Fe: New Spaces, New Faces.” By William Peterson. ARTnews 87, no. 3 (March), p. 215.

1985 - “Extensions of the Book.” Artweek 16, no. 27 (August 10).



Publications (By Basia)



2017 - Reading the River: The Ecological Activist Art of Basia Irland. Edited by Museum De Domijnen and Basia Irland. Sittard, the Netherlands: Museum De Domijnen. See Books page in Projects section

2007 - Water Library. Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press. See Books page in Projects section


Small Press Books

1996 - Water Cycle. Riverdale, Maryland: Pyramid Atlantic Press, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Borowsky Center for Publication Arts, The University of the Arts. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

1996 - River Reciprocity. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Salient Seedling Press. Foldout book.


Book Contributions

2017 - “Ice Receding/Books Reseeding.” In Downstream: Reimagining Water, edited by Dorothy Christian and Rita Wong, pp. 181-191. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

2016 - “Ice Receding/Books Reseeding.” In L’art de l’aigua: Aqua et ars in unum miscentur [The Art of Water: Water and Art Mixed into One], edited by Domènec Corbella, pp. 48–53. Barcelona, Spain: Universitat de Barcelona.

2016 - “Eco-Art.” In Keywords for Environmental Studies, edited by Joni Adamson, William A. Gleason, and David N. Pellow, pp. 60–61. New York: New York University Press.

2016 - “Ice Receding/Books Reseeding.” In Elemental: An Arts and Ecology Reader, edited by James Brady, pp. 25–39. Manchester, England: Gaia Project Press.

2013 - “An Ice Book Floats down the Karun River.” In Love and Pomegranates: Artists and Wayfarers on Iran, edited by Meghan Nuttall Sayres, pp. 211–212. Santa Ana, California: Nortia Press.

See link on By Basia page

2005 - “A Concise Glimpse of Water in the History of Photography.” In Water Encyclopedia, 5 vols., edited by Jay H. Lehr and Jack Keeley, vol. 4, pp. 766–769. Westport, Connecticut: Wiley Press.


Articles and Other Media

2014 to present - National Geographic series Water Currents: Insights into the Freshwater World.

See Blog page in Projects section

2015 - “We Are This River.” TEDxVail. January 9, 2015.

See link on By Basia page

2009 - “Wild Water Art.” New Mexico WILD! (Spring), p. 11.

See link on By Basia page

2007 - “Eco Art.” Elephant, Autumn, p. 68.

See link on By Basia page

2007 - “River Reciprocity: A Gathering of Waters.” The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers and Writing 101 (Winter), pp. 38–48.

2003 - “Walkerton Life Vest.” The New Quarterly: New Directions in Canadian Writing 87 (Summer), pp. 33–37, 58–67.

See link on By Basia page

1997 - “Running with the Water” and “Corriendo con el agua.” La Corriente, newsletter of the Río Bravo/Río Grande Sustainable Development Initiative, 5 (July), pp. 3, 11.

1997 - “A Gathering of Waters.” Arts Advocate, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Summer).

1996 - “A Gathering of Waters” and “Una Coleccíon de las Aguas.” La Corriente, newsletter of the Río Bravo/Río Grande Sustainable Development Initiative, 4 (September), p. 4 and p. 10.

1996 - “Po-weh’-geh, Un Juntamiento de Aguas, A Gathering of Waters.” Dialogue (New Mexico Water Dialogue newsletter) 5, no. 1 (March).

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