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Selected Bibliography (About Basia)


Books (containing references to Basia's work)

2016 - Water in Contemporary Art: A Dynamic of Ecosophical Aesthetics. Patrik Marty. L’Harmattan, Paris.

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Articles and Other Media

2015 - Dagblad De Limburger. Wondere wereld van water en boeken [Wonderful World of Water and Books]. December 7, 2015.

PDF version of article in Dutch (0.2MB)

2015 - Dagblad De Limburger. Ijsboeken voor de natuur [Ice Books on Nature]. September 5, 2015.

PDF version of article in Dutch (0.2MB)

2015 - Phaena Aleph ( These Ice Books Transport Seeds and Reforest Lands. February 3, 2015.

Link to article (Phaena Aleph website with text and photos)

2014 - Nautilus ( Art Can Show Us What's Wrong With Our Planet. Becca Cudmore. December 8, 2014.

Link to article (Nautilus website with text and photos)

2014 - ¡COLORES! (TV show). ¡COLORES!: Basia Irland. New Mexico PBS. June 13, 2014.

See links on About Basia page

2013 - Sculpture. Basia Irland’s Gathering of Waters: An Invitation to Know Your River. Mark B. Feldman. September 2013. See link on About Basia page

2013 - Leaf Litter ( Art & Ecology. Summer Solstice 2013, Vol. XI, Edition 3.

Link to start of article; link to section about Basia (Biohabitats website with text and photos)

2013 - Orion Magazine. Books of Ice: Sculptures by Basia Irland. Kathleen Dean Moore. March/April 2013.

See links on About Basia page

2012 - The Nucleus. Environmental Artist Visits Georgia College.

2011 - Hydrophilia ( Inside the Well: Conversations about Water with Basia Irland. Wendy J. Pabich.

See link on Interviews page

2011 - The Colonnade. Visiting Artist Presents Art on Local Environmental Issues. Ann Morris. April 8, 2011.

PDF version of article (1.2MB)

2011 - Alternatives Journal. A New Water Ethic. Robert Sandford and Merrell-Ann Phare. January/February 2011.

2010 - The Idaho Mountain Express. Where Art and Water Become One. Sabina Dana Plasse. November 5, 2010.

2010 - The Dominion Post. Project Organized to Raise Awareness of Deckers Creek Health. April 12, 2010.

PDF version of article (0.3MB)

2009 - Los Angeles Times. Getting Back to the Land. Susan Emerling. August 16, 2009.

Link to article (LA Times website with text and photos)

2009 - Art and Politics Now ( Basia Irland at Evergreen State College. Susan Noyes Platt.

Link to article (Art and Politics Now website with text and photos)

2008 - Albuquerque: The Magazine. Basia Irland, Eco-Artist. Amanda Sutton. July 2008, Volume 5, Number 3.

See link on About Basia page

2008 - Art in America. Global Warnings. Suzaan Boettger. June/July 2008.

PDF version of article (3.5MB)

2008 - Santa Fe New Mexican. The Autobiography of H2O, as Told to Basia Irland. Miriam Sagan. January 18-24, 2008.

See link on About Basia page

2005 - Quantum: Research, Scholarship & Creative Works. Water Library. Valery Roybal.

See link on About Basia page

2004 - Times of India. Speaking an Ecological Language. Jhalak Bhavsar. December 23, 2004.

2004 - The Indian Express. Basia Irland’s Work is Based on Water. December 22, 2004.

2004 - People’s Science Institute Magazine. Gujarat Needs a Basia Irland. December 2004 (in Gujarati).

2003 - Ethics & the Environment Journal. The Nature of Water: Basia Irland Reveals the “Is” and the “Ought.” Lisa Gerber. Spring 2003.

2001 - Orion Afield. A Confluence of Communities. Graig Smith. Winter 2001.

1999 - Albuquerque Journal. Water Works. Wesley Pulkka. April 18, 1999.

See link on About Basia page

1997 - Quantum: Research and Scholarship, University of New Mexico. A Gathering of Waters: Approaching Water Issues Through Artful Life. Valerie Roybal. Spring 1997.

1994 - Quantum: Research and Scholarship, University of New Mexico. Profile: Artist Basia Irland: A River Runs Through Her. Sharon Niederman. Spring 1994.

1988 - Artspace. Basia Irland. Harmony Hammond. Summer 1988.

See link on About Basia page

1985 - Canadian Museum. Basia Irland's Sculptural Images. Pam Margles.



Publications (By Basia)



2007 - Water Library. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 234 pages, full color, ISBN 978-0-8263-3675-0. See Book page in Projects section

1998 - Water Cycle. Borowsky Center for Publication Arts, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Published in collaboration with Pyramid Atlantic Press, Riverdale, Maryland. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

1996 - River Reciprocity. Salient Seedling Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Foldout book.


Book Contributions

2016 - L’art de l’aigua: Aqua et ars in unum miscentur. Domènec Corbella, Ed. Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.

2016 - Keywords in the Study of Environment and Culture. Joni Adamson, William Gleason, and David N. Pellow, Eds. New York University Press, New York.

2016 - Elemental: An Arts and Ecology Reader. James Brady, Ed. Gaia Project Press, England.

2016 - Downstream: Reimagining Water. Dorothy Christian and Rita Wong, Eds. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, Ontario.

2013 - Love and Pomegranates: Artists and Wayfarers on Iran. Meghan Nuttall Sayres. Nortia Press, California.

See link on By Basia page

2005 - Encyclopedia of Water, Wiley Press. Water in the History of Photography.


Articles and Other Media

2014 to present - National Geographic, Water Currents blog.

See Blog page in Projects section

2015 - TEDxVail. We Are This River. January 9, 2015.

See link on By Basia page

2009 - New Mexico WILD! Wild Water Art.

See link on By Basia page

2007 - Elephant. Eco Art. Autumn 2007.

See link on By Basia page

2003 - The New Quarterly: New Directions in Canadian Writing. Walkerton Life Vest. Volume 87, Summer 2003.

See link on By Basia page

1997 - La Corriente, Rio Bravo/Rio Grande Sustainable Development Initiative. Corriendo con el Agua. July 1997.

1997 - Arts Advocate. A Gathering of Waters. Summer 1997.

1996 - Dialogue 5.1. Po-weh'-geh, Un Juntamiento de Aguas, A Gathering of Waters.

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