BOULDER CREEK, Boulder, Colorado


Tome I: Mountain Maple, Columbine Flower, Blue Spruce. 2007.

carrying250poundbookintoBoulderCreek placingbookinBoulderCreek

Carrying 250 pound Ice Book into Boulder Creek.

Positioning Ice Book in creek


A 250-pound book was carved from clear ice and embedded with a seed text of Mountain Maple (Acer spicatum), Columbine flowers (Aquilegia coerulea), and Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens). Six people carried the heavy book out into the current of Boulder Creek. As it rested between two large rocks, viewers could see the water flowing under the ice. One of the photographs of this piece shows three students standing in the river as they “read” the seed text on the book. Arapahoe Glacier, which provides a large percentage of Boulder’s drinking water, is receding rapidly due to climate disruption. From where will Boulder get its water when the glacier is gone?

Students reading Ice Book.


Band playing at reception for participants.

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