Limburg, the Netherlands


A short overview of the Limburg Ice Books.


These Ice Books were created in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition Reading the River at the Museum De Domijnen.

aprocesscollectingseeds0988 bprocesscollectingseeds0990

Collecting seeds for the Ice Books. Photo by Derek Irland.

Collecting seeds along the banks of the Maas. The Netherlands is on this side of river and Belgium is on the other side. Photo by Derek Irland.


Maas Book I. 2015. Photo by Derek Irland.

cprocessMomcarving1039 dprocessputtingseedsonbook1082

Carving an Ice Book.

Freezing seeds onto an Ice Book. Photo by Derek Irland.

IMG3801 IMG3808

Maas Book II. 2015. Photo by Derek Irland.

Maas Book II releasing seeds into the river. Photo by Derek Irland.


Maas Book III. 2015. Photo by Robert Notermans.

eprocessMominwater14BertJanssen fprocessphotographers1161Mom

Launching an Ice Book in the Maas. Photo by Bert Janssen.

Photographers and film crew documenting the launch of an Ice Book in the Geleenbeek.


Geleenbeek Text. 2015. Photo by Derek Irland.

IMG3948 dMaaslargeseedbookRoel36BertJanssen

Geleenbeek Text floating down a creek. Photo by Derek Irland.

Curator Roel Arkesteijn launching an Ice Book into the Maas. Photo by Bert Janssen.


Cow Parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) Seed Circle Book. 2015. Photo by Derek Irland.


Geleenbeek Pond Book. 2015. Photo by Bert Janssen.

bpondbookseedsdetail1083Mom IMG4057

Geleenbeek Pond Book (detail).

Geleenbeek Pond Book. Photo by Derek Irland.

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