SASKATCHEWAN RIVER DELTA, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan


Student holding up her Ice Book. 2017.

Studentslaunchingicebooks studentholdshericebook

Students launching Ice Books.

Student holds her Ice Book.


Students launching Ice Books.

I was invited to participate in the University of Saskatchewan’s course, Becoming Water, which was team-taught by artist, Susan Shantz, and scientist, Dr. Graham Strickert. One of the projects they wanted to do was to have their students create Ice Books under my guidance via the internet before I arrived, so that we could then take these with us up into the remote Saskatchewan River Delta region, and launch them into the Saskatchewan River. The undergraduate and graduate students researched the local seeds, did the collection process, and then embedded the plant seeds in the Ice Books. We packed the books in dry ice so that they could make the 7-hour journey on rough roads to the river location.

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