Krill Ice Book. 2012. Photo by Derek Irland.

LeeMaracleBlessingicebooksPhotobyBethCarruthers KrillicebookwithdiverSenakwStaulkPhotobyKarolleWall

Lee Maracle (center) blessing Ice Books.

Photo by Beth Carruthers.

Krill Ice Book with diver. Photo by Karolle Wall.


Rose Hip Ice Book. 2012. Photo by Derek Irland.


In Vancouver I made the decision to forego the use of seeds exclusively and instead create a few Ice Books with a colorful vocabulary comprised of small bright pink krill, because the traditional food chain had been disrupted due to lack of krill for the herring to feed upon, which in turn feed the salmon. Vancouverites are very much hoping for the salmon to return to Senakw Staulk (False Creek) and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Participants clapping SOS as Krill Book is launched into Senakw Staulk. Photo by Beth Caruthers.


Diver photographing Ice Books in Senakw Staulk.

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